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Port Dalhousie is under increasing development pressure and is in danger of losing the unique and charming heritage that makes the village a much-loved destination for visitors far and wide.

Please help us ensure that Port remains open and accessible to the public for generations to come. 



We're looking after things for you, the public.

The Port Dalhousie Conservancy is a community- based, volunteer organization founded in March, 1999 to pursue

heritage designation for Port Dalhousie.  It is incorporated as an Ontario Not For Profit Corporation.

Consistent with its work over the previous 20 years, the Conservancy's Mission is:


"To actively support the development and implementation of community-backed initiatives that help preserve

and/or enhance Port Dalhousie's architectural, natural and cultural heritage; and to support other

community-backed initiatives that are consistent with heritage preservation.

The Conservancy supports appropriate development that respects applicable planning policies

and the wishes of the majority of residents. Its focus is on ensuring when change does happen,

it is consistent with the enhancement and preservation of Port's unique heritage attributes."

A Commitment to Saving Port's Architectural and Natural Resources

The PDC not only defends Old Port Dalhousie's historic architectural heritage, but also the beach, lakefront, parklands and historic sites. Distinct areas that enrich our common cultural experience must be preserved and enhanced for the enjoyment of all citizens.

Political and Social Activism on Behalf of Our Shared Heritage

As proven by PDC's past political activism in the preservation of Port's distinct heritage, we are resolute and committed to taking on political and social forces that would  sacrifice our distinct heritage through poor planning or the blind pursuit of profit and property tax income.

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Advocating and Lobbying for Sensitive and Sensible Development

Port Dalhousie's commercial core  is under siege by an unprecedented wave of real estate development, threatening its precious historic architectural heritage. The PDC pledges to hold all public and private stakeholders accountable for it's preservation, and advocate on its behalf.

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