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      Port Dalhousie Conservancy Membership 2020

The Port Dalhousie Conservancy is a community- based volunteer organization founded in March, 1999 to pursue heritage designation for Port Dalhousie and has been incorporated as Port Dalhousie Conservancy Inc.

("the Conservancy"), an Ontario Not For Profit Corporation.


The Conservancy supports appropriate development that respects applicable planning policies and the wishes of the majority of residents. It's focus is on ensuring that when change does happen, it is consistent with the enhancement and preservation of Port's unique heritage attributes.


Rules for Membership


Members can be Voting or Non-Voting. Voting Members each have one vote and can vote to elect the corporation’s officers. They can also vote on other issues that may be submitted to a vote by the elected officers. Non-Voting Members can participate fully in all other activities of the Conservancy.
Anyone can be a Member of the Port Dalhousie Conservancy providing he/she meets all of the following:

  1. Supports our Mission and Objectives.

  2. Has provided the information requested below and paid the membership fee of C$10.

  3. Resides in Old Port Dalhousie or immediate vicinity (area bounded by Lighthouse, Lakeshore and Lakeport Roads on the East; Courtleigh Blvd., Martindale Rd. and Golden Blvd. on the West; and Lake Ontario and Martindale Pond on the North and South). This condition applies only to Voting Members. Non-Voting Members can be residents of any locality.

  4. The application is approved by the corporation’s Membership Committee.

Please Join Us!

Volunteerism at the PDC

A positive way you can help preserve the architectural heritage and natural beauty of Port and give back to your community, is by volunteering at the Port Dalhousie Conservancy. Feeling a connection, a bond with your peers can, indeed, give people a sense of realization and belonging that lifts their spirits, as well as building personal pride and self-worth.

If you have some time to spare in helping us achieve our goals please contact us at

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